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I want every single person who goes on one of my experiences to have an incredible time. Each positive review and returning guest is a true reward for me. Read some of their comments below and don’t forget to leave your own feedback.

Reviews: Reviews

I really enjoyed this experience as you could tell it was very authentic. This experience ties in a lot of cultural, racial, and, geographical history that made my trip even more meaningful. If you're a person rooted in white supremacy or are very closed minded - this is not the tour for you; but if you'd like an real- world, Afrocentric, off-beat, informative tour with an artistic flare then this is a MUST! The way Jean-Marcel ties in personal stories with larger historical themes really helped me connect to the subject matter in a more meaningful way. I found myself constantly jotting notes in my phone so I'd remember to study numerous things he spoke about during the tour. I will definitely do another experience with him next time I'm in town and highly recommend that you do the same!

Anjail from Santa Ana, California
November 2020

Jean-Marcel is an intriguing and interesting storyteller! I throughly enjoyed his experience and perspective on how life was and currently is culturally in New Orleans. I knew almost nothing about the slavery trade and how that came to be the cultural hub for this community and music and dance. He was very kind and artistic to share his stories and home with us. I enjoyed this experience and I am glad it was the first tour I did while visiting this vibrant city!

Patricia from Louisville, KY
November 2020

This was my fourth time joining Jean-Marcel for this tour. I take this tour every time that I visit New Orleans and I bring a friend as I believe that everyone should experience this tour once or twice. I look forward to the next time. Thank you again Jean- Marcel.

Marsena from Memphis, TN
November 2020

Fantastic learning expirence! Nola history rolled into one tour. A must visit for any adult groups interested in HooDoo! Would be great for a bachelorette party

Kelsey From Los Angeles, CA
November 2020

Amazing tour with a great perspective on the tulmultuous history of New Orleans. Jean-Marcel oozed passion and served cultural realness, this was an experiemce I will always remember. Recommend this tour 100%

Elise from Frederick, MD
November 2020

Marcel is a great storyteller and amazingly talented person. We were given very interesting, funny, and memorable information. The statues in the park are phenomenal. Over-all, we enjoyed ourselves. Highly recommend.

Nneka from Tampa, FL
November 2020

Super dope experience. Learned so much history about New Orleans in a very cool way. Jean-Marcel is such a amazing artist and story teller. Highly recommended.

Kierra from Tampa, FL
November 2020

This is a great tour that I would highly recommend! It is an excellent opportunity to learn a little bit about New Orleans that most people don't know or hear about. Jean-Marcel provides you with a personalized history that is very interesting and entertaining. You will also have a chance to see his beautiful artwork!

Stephanie from Waynesville, NC
November 2020

Jean Marcel is a wonderful storyteller and incredible artist. It was such a indescribable experience to learn the history of NOLA and his own personal history. Highly recommend.

Brenna Marie from Kaneohe, HI
November 2020

Jean-Marcel is the best guy in New Orleans to tell you about the history of the city. He’s not just a tour guide he’s apart of that city itself so it’s the best “tour guide” you’re going to find

Ely from Williamston, SC
November 2020

This experience went way beyond my expectations. The passion, knowledge, wisdom and magic behind it was everything we needed for our New Orleans trip. Make time for this dynamic experience, you won’t regret it.

Enoch from Atlanta, GA
November 2020

We had an amazing time on our tour! Jean-Marcel was very knowledgeable and amazing at telling us his personal stories and other stories/facts regarding NOLA history, voodoo, and more! His studio space was great and we loved the rum! Definitely recommend!

Macey from Chicago, IL
October 2020

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